Head Office: Tintagel House, Office 506, 92 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TP

Birkenhead Office: The Foundry, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, CH41 1EU

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NVentures - Enlightened Exploration

NVentures is an upstream exploration firm specialising in technical and commercial intelligence for explorationists.

Working in the upstream sector for 25 years, the firm delivers high quality, comprehensive data and reports to oil companies and service companies worldwide. In collaboration with industry JV Partners, NVentures brings together vital technical resources to help understand exploration results and trends. NVentures is the source for up to date, insightful and well illustrated E&P activity information, helping track activity and point to new trends and future successful exploration.

NVentures products and services are designed to provide information and insight to exploration teams monitoring activity and local exploration results. This includes subsurface context, as well as New Ventures and Business Development groups analysing opportunities, trends and the farm-out market. Service companies and strategic managers utilise the NVentures product suite to determine market focus and resource priorities.

NVentures have a long record of researching and reporting in the upstream sector, as well as focused consulting work for dedicated projects.

Exploration and Business Development reports with vital geological context.

ROAR - Round Africa Report

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